How to make a video blog in 10 steps?

Many people find it difficult to make a video blog, and often it is a matter of stepping out and just doing it! Below you will find 10 easy steps to make your own video blog.


What do you need?

1) A YouTube (or Vimeo) account.

If you don’t have an account yet then make one. This link explains how to make your own youtube channel step by step. Besides that it can also prove convenient to download the YouTube app to your phone, so when your video is shorter than one minute, you can upload it via your phone. If the video is longer than 1 minute you do have to use your computer to upload it.

2) An iPhone or another smartphone you can film with.

Below is my first video of Esther who is filming a video testimonial of Angelique during the workshop Blogging with images in Berlin.

10 tips how to make a video blog:

  1. Think about what you want to tell. If necessary practice in front of a mirror with a paper filled with some pointers.
  2. Make sure your story isn’t too long. Keep it between 1 and 3 minutes.
  3. Find a place with a quiet background. Make sure there are no plants growing out of your head or your mess is visible. This is disruptive for your viewers. Film in a quiet area where there isn’t too many background noise so people can hear you.
  4. Make sure there is enough daylight. Preferably don’t film at night near an artificial light, this makes image grainy.
  5. Use the front camera. The quality is a little lower, but you can immediately check if you’re clearly visible or look weird.
  6. If you find it difficult to film yourself, ask someone else to do it for you. You’ll then be telling your story to someone else, which might be easier. Ask your camera person to keep the camera as steady as possible.
  7. Film the head and then cut off a little of the top of the head. Make sure the chin isn’t on the edge of the image. Put your subject a little to the left or the right of the center.
  8. The video doesn’t have to be perfect. Check it properly before you upload it and maybe show it to someone else to check if your message is received and you aren’t talking jibberish.
  9. Upload your movie to YouTube. In your camera roll, press share and upload your video to YouTube. Upload your video to your computer and upload it to YouTube from there.Upload-filmpje-naar-youtube
  10. Embed the movie in your blogpost. Copy the url for embedded copying and put the video on your blog. Here is another blog on how to easily embed videos in wordpress.

Besides pasting the url of your video you can also copy the embed code and paste this into your blogpost. Make sure you paste it into your HTML editor and not into your visual editor.


Here is the result of the video Esther is making whilst I’m filming her.


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