Fuikdag is traditionally held every first Sunday of the year. It can be described as the biggest unorganized boat party of the Caribbean, and people tend to bring pretty much anything that floats, from huge yachts to inflatable dinosaurs. So whether you’re rich or poor, don’t worry. Just bring yourself and your floating and get to Fuik Bay.

fuik dag

Fuikdag is one of those events that just happened naturally one day. Starting out with just a few people relaxing to celebrate the new year, it is now one of the biggest events known on Curaçao. Previous editions have already seen some big names manning the turntables, such as Afrojack and DJ Chuckie, both Dutch DJ’s with South-American roots. If this is any promise for the coming years, we’ll be expecting more and more famous DJ’s to flock to the island for Fuikdag.

As this is a naturally occurring event, there is no need to buy tickets or make reservations. All you need to do is get there. But beware; you can only get there by boat!! There is absolutely no possibility to get there by car so don’t bother trying. Arrange your own boat or make friends with a boat, and enjoy a day of fun in the sun with amazing music, great people and lots of drinks.


Last but not least: take care of the environment. Please don’t carelessly throw your trash in the water, as the ocean surrounding Curaçao is a fragile ecosystem. Join the Cleanup Afterparty on the Saturday after Fuikdag! In the picture above you see how pristine Fuik bay is on an ordinary day.

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