The best local restaurants in Curacao

Ask anyone in Curaçao where to get the best carni stobá (stew made of beef), bolo di cashupete (cake made of cashew nuts, our favorite) or pan será (which means: closed bread) and the answer will be: “my mother” (or variations like “my aunt” or “my grandmother” ). We’ve summarized a number of authentic locations where you eat and feel like a local. Do you have a sweet tooth? Stick to the kos dushi (literally: sweet things), like Ko’i Lechi (sweets made of two types of milk and icing sugar), Letter di Pinda (cookies made of peanuts), Tert di Preimu (plum pie) and Kokada (sweets made of coconut). We put together a list for you with the best local restaurants in Curacao

1) Rancho El Sobrino, Weg naar Knip – Sabana Westpunt. Open daily from 11.30 AM to 9 PM. Don’t miss: Their specials and the ‘stobá‘, a local dish that resembles a stew which can contain many exotic ingredients varying from cucumber to pigs’ tail.

Located next to the beautiful village of Westpoint, this former plantation has been converted into a wonderful restaurant and resort. If you didn’t feel like you were in the Caribbean already, the colorful interior and the warm welcome from the staff will get you there. Sit back and relax, order a local beer and try one of their many local specialties such as Dradu fish, goat stew or fish soup. Don’t forget to order funchi on the side, a very popular side dish made from corn meal. When you’re done eating, take a stroll around the garden and admire the caged birds behind the restaurant.

the best local restaurants in Curacao, Rancho el sobrino the best local restaurants in Curacao, Rancho el sobrino the best local restaurants in Curacao, Rancho el sobrino the best local restaurants in Curacao, Rancho el sobrino

2) Marshe Bieu, Punda. Open weekdays for lunch. Don’t miss: Giambo, a soup made out of okra. Don’t be scared by it’s slimy appearance; it’s quite delicious!

It’s so easy to choose one of the many fantastic restaurants when deciding where to have your lunch. However, if you want something different and wish to experience the real Curaçao for a change, Marshe Bieu (old market in Papiamentu, Curaçao’s local language) is by far your best option. It is a great chance to see what the local food of Curaçao (kuminda krioyo) is all about and mix with the locals. As Marshe Bieu is a local favorite and many people eat their lunch here, the market is opened only for lunch and closes at 3 PM. Make sure you check the menu of each kitchen and be prepared for a difficult choice, because it is all delicious! Choose from local dishes such as different types of freshly caught fried fish and many stobá’s. If you really want to eat like a local, try some of the ‘pika’, the fresh but very spicy condiment that is served on every table.

the best local restaurants in Curacao, Marshe Bieu the best local restaurants in Curacao, Marshe Bieu

3) Equus, Caracasbaaiweg z/n, Jan Thiel. Open Friday from 5.30 PM – 12 AM. Don’t miss: well, don’t miss it! Equus is only opened on Friday nights!

Only opened on Friday nights, Equus is a real treasure, the kind you only find on small Caribbean islands such as Curaçao. If you want to eat at Equus (and believe me, you do) make sure you show up early. The line of cars filling up the whole street is the best proof that the food here is amazing! Making a choice won’t be difficult as there are only two things to choose from: big skewers of chicken or beef straight from the BBQ. No menu, no plates, no cutlery: just delicious, simple food accompanied by a cold beer or great wine.

4) Piri Piri, Caracasbaaiweg 187 A. Open Tuesday – Friday from 5 PM – 11 PM and Saturday – Sunday from 11 AM – 11.45 PM. Don’t miss: the whole suckling pig from the grill.

Only a few months old, Piri Piri is already making a name for itself. With a 5/5 on Tripadvisor, what’s not to love? The cosy restaurant located on the Caracasbaaiweg is romantically lit with festive lights at night, so your dinner under the trees will be even more enjoyable. Try the grilled chicken or, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll visit on a night they make their famous whole suckling pig from the grill! Sounds scary, but isn’t.

5) Landhuis Dokterstuin (Komedor Krioyo), Weg naar Westpunt. Open Tuesday – Sunday from 12 PM – 4 PM. Don’t miss: Conch, an (aphrodisiac) delicacy you really should try.

Calling them selves a ‘Komedor Krioyo’ (local creole restaurant), this restaurant located in the Dokterstuin mansion is anything but standard. With spicy food and friendly service, this place will give the real, authentic Caribbean feel and food. People on the island much rather prefer to eat their warm meals in the afternoon instead of at night, and therefore the restaurant is only opened during lunch times. Especially on Sundays you’ll see a lot of locals. Try their signature dishes, such as the stobá or the conch, as they show you what Caribbean food is all about!

We hope you enjoyed our list with the best local restaurants in Curaçao!

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